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This is a summary explaining the unauthorized charges on my credit card. I booked a trip to Milwaukee Wisconsin to attend a funeral on for April 21, 2017 returning April 22, 2017 and purchased a package, which included a round trip flight, Hotel, and Rental Car.

The total cost for that package was $374.10. When I got to Milwaukee and went to the Avis Rental Car station at the airport, the line was extremely long and when I got to the agent, she was going through the contract really fast and I did not see the physical contract while she was going over it. I was looking at a touch screen and the Avis Agent attempted upsell me on several features. She mentioned a lot of various protections and other upsell services, but I said no to them all.

She told me that she was going to put me in a Dodge Charger with a Hemi, as if I was suppose to get excited. I told the agent that I do not want a gas guzzler, I just want a regular full size car. The agent then told me that she will put me in a Volvo something, whi should be good on gas. I said fine and we proceeded.

She told me to just tap the no/decline tab, then sign. She then printed out the contract in which the ink was very light as if the printer was running out of ink. I assumed everything was fine. I get out to the parking area where the agent directed me, went to the designates space, and the car she gave me was a large SUV.

I went to the Avis booth within the parking area and told them, I just want a regular full size car. The man at the booth, took my contract, started typing, gave me a new contract and told me the space where the car he was now putting me in. I was given a 2017 Chevrolet Malibu which is considered a full size car by Avis definition. Included in my package through Expedia was the rental of a Full Size Vehicle from Avis.

After the funeral I proceeded to head straight to the airport and stopped on the way to top off the gas tank of the car. I didnt drive the car very much as I was only there for one day. I returned the car back earlier than the contract required, and the car was full of gas. A few days later I logged into my Capital One account and noticed a pending charge on my account.

I called Capital One and the agent told me the charge will drop off. The next day or maybe the day after, I saw that charge from Avis in the amount of $70.38 had posted. I called Capital One again, and the agent conducted a three way call with myself and Avis Rental Car Co.. The Capital One Representative was on the phone while I was speaking to the Avis agent and I asked her about the charges.

Her response was well you signed the contract so there is nothing I can do! I told the agent that I did not have the physical contract until after I reviewed the touch screen and declined all of the upsells the agent was offering. I asked her to break down the charges that justified the $70.38, she stated that $30something dollars was for the vehicle upgrade and the remainder was for prepaid gasoline. I told the agent over the phone that I purchased a package through Expedia and I was given a Chevrolet Malibu, if anything I should be given a refund.

The agent stated that the Chevrolet Malibu was considered a full size car. I told the agent well in my Expedia Package included a full size car, so why are you charging me a vehicle upgrade fee? She went silent for a few seconds and stated that she will refund the vehicle upgrade fee (she never did), and when I submit the receipt showing that I purchased gas for the vehicle, she would refund the remainder of the charges. The time I was on the phone I wasnt in a position to write, and asked her if she would send me an email with the case number, so that I will know where to submit the documents?

She stated that she would, but never sent the email. The next day I called Capital One and explained the situation and the fact that Avis agent never sent me an email with the case number. The Capital One representative told me that she would charge the 70.38 back to Avis and they will have to submit documentation if they wanted to validate those charges. I get an email on 5/17/2017 stating that I have a new secured message.

I read the message and it stated that Avis is claiming that this charge is valid. I am very disgusted at this point and WILL NOT let Avis get away with this. Documentation along with this summary was submitted to Capital One and Avis still would not take responsibility. Avis actually provided to Capital One the contract that had the Volvo on it.

I provided to Capital One my Expedia Itinerary that clearly shows that a full size car was in my package, a receipt showing where I stopped and topped off the gas tank, and the receipt that was given to me at Avis showing that I returned a Chevy Malibu back and the tank was full. After all that Avis still did not want to make it right. I called Capital one back and they issued me a permanent credit.

Although I was made whole, Avis rental car still got away with charging me for service that I did not use or ask for. Because Avis felt that cheating me out of 70.38 cents was worth more than losing a customer for life, I am still determined to complain to as many complaint boards as possible.

Review about: Avis Chevrolet Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Car i got was fine 2017 chevrolet malibu.

I didn't like: Deceptive practices.

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