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My wife is a flight attendant of a major US Airline, so we travel to France and other countries often on vacation. When we return a rental car, in this case an AVIS rental, we ALWAYS take photos of the car from every angle, even of the odometer and gas gauge. Why? We have learned over the years that these European rental agencies prey on tourists from out of the country, citing diesel fuel not returned full, and in this case, damage to the rental car.

So I recently received an additional charge on my VISA for $470 (separate from the expected rental VISA charge), which I immediately protested thru CitiBank VISA. AVIS FRANCE reports damage to the rental car!, Fine I think as I have photos! Their photo of the odometer is 2 KM more than mine, showing that someone drove it after I returned it. My photos show damage; their photos show who knows what, as I cannot tell what I am looking at.

One would think that I have a clear cut case! Not the case at all, AVIS just stands firm, not even acknowledging my photos or my position. To me, this is just another case of hard evidence that these European auto rental firms prey on foreign tourists with extra charges as this. For additional fuel charges, it's not worth my time dealing with them over say $50, even though inappropriate.

So my PISSED CONSUMER complaint is against AVIS!



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Well I don't think our domestic car rental places are much better! I just had a horrible experience at Payless, in Seattle.....outrageous.


Via International MobilHome i rented a campingcar, delivered by Avis-France. The car was rotten and i brought it back the first day.

Avis-France offered me to pay back 20% of the rent! I refused of course. I had photo's to prove that the campingcar was rotten. Avis denied and told me that the car was 100% ok.

After thousand mails and calls and a spoiled holiday i still have not got back my money.

The culture of Avis France: lies and stealing. So never rent a mobilhome via International Mobilhome because as soon as you pick up the campingcar you are in wrong hands, the hands of Avis-France.


I agree, do not rent a car from Avis in France!!! My scam was to charge for 3 extra days, because no drop box was availabe, and airport was closed due to being a Sunday.

However, according to my Internet booking drop off was allowed.

I did get credit back for gas after having to supply a receipt. I have about 40 hours involved with Avis and Credit Card Company. Avis has the worst customer service ever!!!! Will not let you speak, and cuts you off mid sentence.

They can care less that Avis is ripping people off. I agree take pictures of everything.

Keep all receipts.

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