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Avis has been tacking multiple charges onto our credit card months after the car we rented in Europe was returned. These charges are purportedly due to Avis being requested to provide our contact information to undisclosed municipalities which requested it. Yes, you read that correctly. Avis provides our name and address to some municipalities and then bills us for 50 bucks for each request. Avis is not being fined or incurring any other cost.... Read more

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Avis in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio is hands down the best location I've ever rented from. Clean vehicles, professional fun and friendly staff. Best experience I've ever had!!!

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I had a mid-sized SUV reserved from AVIS from the Denver International Airport Avis location for 07/15/2016 to 07/24/2016. I was hoping for the Ford Escape which was the only SUV in the class that had AWD. A Ford Escape was not available, I was sold an upgrade to a Ford Explorer full size SUV for $10 per day to get the 4X4 funcitonality I was seeking. I was given a key 20 minutes later (slow) and to a vehicle that was not even in the parking... Read more

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Paid for rental car over a month before pickup. Received multiple text confirmations that car was ready for pickup. Upon arrival, we were told they didn't have our car and didn't know when they would get one. After 1.5 hours on the phone with Avis customer service, they told us if WE could find another rental car at another car rental company, they would reimburse the difference in cost. They did not do this. Completely ruined our vacation. ... Read more

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I requested a rental from Avis in Columbus OH on May 30 for a July rental. When I arrived the vehicle was not available and they tried to talk me into a smaller rental. I declined and it took them 2.5 hours to find the vehicle I reserved back in May. When the vehicle arrived it had garbage in the back pockets of the 2nd seat, had sand all over the floors and smelled like wet dog. They didn't clean the vehicle and the gas tank was only 3/4... Read more

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I rented a car for a short trip with my boyfriend and friends. As soon as i knew that i wasn't going to be able to return the car in time, i called to extended my rental. They was no problem with extending, though Avis wouldn't agree to selling me an insurance (since i'd book it first with Expedia). Then, after talking with Expedia's insurance company and learning that they wouldn't be able to extended my insurance as well, i called Avis one... Read more

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I just rented a car at CDG airport, and discovered that it didn't have a spare wheel. After checking with AVIS, I was told they remove the spare wheels "to avoid theft". But at the same time, they do not provide a repair / inflation kit to replace the missing spare wheel. That makes their cars illegal, since in France, any car must have either a spare wheel or a repair / inflation kit. If you get a puncture, first you have to wait for their... Read more

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I had a confirmed reservation at Sydney, Montana. I arrived at the scheduled time to find the counter closed. I called the number listed but there was no answer. I rented a car from Priceless rental car. Following day I was told by Avis that I could come exchange my Priceless car for the Avis car I had booked. I was told that a person would be at the counter waiting for me at 6:00 p.m. I drove over an hour to meet the representative. I... Read more

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AVIS Budget Group - A lost customer!
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I rented from Avis many times,so Friday I put my car in the shop for repairs. I called Monday to rent a car as I always did. We went through the info and everything so when it comes to pay I gave my consent to pay now rates. Then the lady on the end went through but then came back saying there system won't let them accept the payment. I was loss I didn't understand but looking on my bank end and it have on my account where the money is pending.... Read more

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Charge for smoking in car, when not previously disclosed to driver. DO not use AVIS... Karlene very Rude and grabbed final paper out of my hands and laughed in my face when I said I was contesting the charge. Did not like I because i was Caucasian. Racist Racist Racist. Tried to speak with Avis directly but no response.... Do not use Avis. Bad Bad. Bad. No response to phone call or email. Poor customer service. Won't ever use Avis again... Read more

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